50 years later

Our nation has seen another historic milestone today. The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his most famous speech on the Washington Mall 50 years ago, and would be very proud of the path that the 44th President of the United States has paved for our country.

mlk 50

Dr. King preached, marched, and died a martyr, particularly for African Americans, and yet many younger generations cannot seem to grasp the full depth and importance of Dr. King’s civil rights crusade and the undying need to bring back the Civil Rights Movement. The struggle continues for African Americans in light of a new wave of discrimination which aims to turn back the clock on civil rights and completely obliterate Dr. King’s legacy. Voter ID and intimidation legislation, stop and frisk practices, and mass incarceration of black males is destroying the American Dream for black people.

The distinguished congressman from Georgia, and civil rights icon, Representative John Lewis is the last living speaker from that famous 1963 speech, and I am very proud to have recently been able to sit down and talk with Mr. Lewis concerning the proliferation of racial discrimination and the ways in which it has become manifested since the election of President Obama.

Yes, I believe that Dr. King would be very proud of his country, but also very sad.


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