Possible cure for type II diabetes

Medical research scientists have literally stumbled upon a rare genetic mutation which switches off the mechanisms responsible for type 2 diabetes. The threat of the devastating disease is cut by two thirds through this lucky genetic accident of fate. And this cutting edge research has led to the discovery of new channels. 

Especially the synthesis of a wonder drug that will cause the necessary actions to occur in the human body is being looked into. The finding was made that many people in their eighties did not contract diabetes despite the fact that they smoked, drank and were overweight. 

They all had one thing in common: a mutation that caused changes in the gene responsible for insulin secretion by the pancreas. The individuals who had the gene had pancreas that secreted more insulin thereby lowering their blood glucose levels. 

One thing is definite. The study was conducted by some of the topmost researchers in the field. Their efforts will not go to waste. It is hoped that soon there will be a cure for type 2 diabetes. The funding for this exploration in medical science was undertaken by Pfizer, the famous pharmaceutical company. 

People suppose that genetic research is still in its infancy and hence inapplicable in the real world. But in actuality drugs can be concocted which take genetic engineering into consideration. They cause genetic manipulation to occur on a chemotherapeutic level. Yet some time will have to be endured before a surefire cure arrives on the drug store shelves. 

It will take at least two decades before the theory is put into practice. The allele is termed the SLC30A8 gene and it causes a reduction of 65% in symptoms. The protective influence of this gene was obvious since many people who led healthy lives were type 2 diabetic while many who were the epitome of unhealthiness were disease-free. 

Source: 14UNews


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